How It Works

People suffering from a large number of diseases experience chronic psychological stress that disrupts normal metabolic, hormonal, and steroidal processes – and, in turn, their lives. This differs from what is experienced by people that aren’t stressed or who are otherwise healthy and exposed to mental and physical stresses – even if those stresses are severe. 

In healthy individuals, stresses are mediated by a complex and interconnected human steroidal cascade, and the natural response to these stresses is manifested as temporarily increased or decreased levels of certain hormones throughout the cascade. Temporary increases and decreases are a normal and healthy response that restores balance to the cascade.  

This normal and healthy response is fundamentally different from the response exhibited by patients suffering from chronic mental stress.
For some individuals who suffer from chronic psychological or physical stress, there is a massive and sustained disruption to the entire hormonal cascade. The hormones at the “top” of the cascade (those well recognized as related to stress and anxiety) are increased in a widespread “up” regulation. Conversely, the hormones at the “bottom” of the cascade (those that are critical to cellular immunity and required for protection from infection, inflammation, allergies, protection from cardiovascular disease, healthy barrier function, and cell repair) are dramatically reduced, or “down” regulated, across the entire cascade.
This is a big deal.

These specific hormonal imbalances also cause an entire range of other issues, including depression, hyperlipidemia, tendency to physical accidents, atherosclerosis by failure of the immune system, suicide, and an overall significant and measurable reduction in life expectancy. The down regulation of cortisol, in particular, can lead to hypertension, increases in cholesterol and triglycerides, increased susceptibility to viruses and other pathogens, joint pain, gastrointestinal disorders, increased cancer risk, increased food and other allergies, and increased risk of G.I. and autoimmune diseases.

Although there are many different causes and physical symptoms of these diseases, what they have in common is continuous and significant psychological stress that unbalances the hormonal cascade, resulting in increases in the entire range of anti-inflammatory hormones and a decrease in the immune-protective hormones. Post-traumatic stress disorder, schizophrenia, bipolar disease, and many other chronic conditions have a wide range of underlying causes and impact dramatically different populations. However, each is accompanied by an identifiable stress response in the human steroidal hormonal cascade.

Restoring balance to the hormonal cascade will reduce the adverse effects of this chronic distortion, improving both a physical and psychological sense of well being.


We follow a rigorous process of vendor selection to ensure the highest commitment to purity, potency, safety, and accuracy in Certifications of Analysis. We are committed to raw materials that are ORGANIC, Sustainable, and non-GMO. We exceed the standards of California Proposition 65. Contains no soy or derivatives.


Our production facility is one of the finest pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and nutritional product manufacturers in the United States. They are inspected by the FDA, and other international organizations such as EU, Japan, et al to follow the highest standards of safety, testing, production, and required regulatory record management systems.


When companies manufacture supplements, they are required to perform one random test each year. We test every batch of Zadiol four times.

Test #1 • The accuracy of the Certificate of Analysis for the raw materials when they are received in our U.S. manufacturing facility.

Test #2 • After production, the tablets are tested to ensure nothing was introduced during manufacturing and that the manufacturer precisely matched the formula.

Test #3 • Samples from every batch are sent to Switzerland for testing.

Test #4 • Samples from every batch are sent to a third-party lab in the United States.
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