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ZADIOL™ is a revolutionary patented botanical composition designed to restore hormonal balance. This unique and inventive combination helps the body’s natural, innate, and adaptive immune systems function properly, improving health and restoring the sense of overall well-being.



14 reviews for Zadiol Supplement

  1. Michelle

    I took this supplement daily while breastfeeding by daughter. Her pediatrician stated she was close to being diagnosed “failure to thrive” at 5 months old. She wasn’t growing or progressing in her percentiles physically. I became a single mom then and started taking Zadiol daily to help me handle the stress and PTSD of the events that unexpectedly broke my marriage and brought me to being a single parent overnight. She started to grow in her percentiles and reached 50th percentile a few months later (she was born 13th percentile). At 5 months she couldn’t sit on her own unassisted. By 7 months she was walking using furniture for support. At 9 months she was walking. I can say that Zadiol helped her as well. We have only been sick twice since then, when before taking Zadiol it was as if we got sick every month.
    When her teeth started coming in she did not drool and was consolable, unlike her older sister. I believe the properties of Zadiol reduced inflammation and discomfort for her while her teeth came through. For me and how I have responded to the supplement, I can say without a doubt that difficult, unexpected life events are no match for this supplement. I no longer have tremors from stress or anxiety on days I take Zadiol. I take two a day. I no longer hear my heart beating in my ears when facing difficult things and no long feel my whole body thrum with each heart beat. The anger doesn’t consume me. I’m always a breath away form calm instead of grappling for calm, fighting myself to calm down. I smile easier, find things funny and sometimes am jovial enough to make a joke. That’s a big for me. I feel fortunate to have this during times of high stress or when my asthma kicks in during allergy season. I have only noticed positive effects.

  2. Kristy

    I have some inflammation in my lower back and sometimes I feel groggy in the morning. When I take these regularly I feel a bit brighter and less stiff. I definitely notice when I stop taking them, so I keep taking them in the morning and I have been steadily improving my muscle pain and clarity!! I took it on and off for a couple years then started taking it consistently every day for over a month now. Big difference when taken consistently 🙂

  3. Juli

    I have been taking Zadiol since November 2020. I started to notice I was feeling calmer after a week or so, but I really began to notice the biggest improvement after taking it every day for a month. The first thing I noticed was that I was dreaming for the first time in years. My sleep has been deeper and I am feeling more rested. Stressful situations and people don’t trigger me like they used to. I just feel calmer all the time.
    Another thing I noticed is that this is the first winter in years that I haven’t had a horrible cold that I couldn’t seem to shake. My immune system feels stronger and healthier. I’m totally going to keep taking it. I tell people to try it for 30 days to really appreciate the full impact, you won’t know how much it helps until you’ve taken it for a month. I recommended it to my family and friends, the best nutritional supplement I’ve ever taken.

  4. Byron

    This was such a great decision to get this supplement! I’m a busy graduate student who often has late nights and when I was having trouble sleeping Zadiol really helped get my body into a healthy and balanced state. The exact same night I started taking these, I slept really soundly and well. It helped with my anxiety and appetite as well. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who needs a little help getting a good night sleep. I also love that it’s natural ingredients and extracts. The package came quickly, a great seller experience too.

  5. Debby Jo Kvinland

    I have suffered with anxiety and PTSD for my entire life. I was unable to leave my house. Zadiol changed my life and I am now enjoying my new life. I have always loved Zadiol.

  6. Karin K

    I love Zadiol, its amazing I have more flexibility more energy, more clarity, absolutely no drug feeling at all. I feel healthier. I also feel it reduces my anxiety to such a low level that it is surprising and wonderful. The triggers that cause me to feel anxious are almost completely gone, wow! It took me almost a full month before I noticed a difference, I almost gave up, I am so thankful I didn’t. I wish I had this 25 years ago! If you have pain from Fibromyalgia or Rheumatroid Arthritis it definitely helps without getting the drugged feeling. I enjoy life so much more, thank you!

  7. Rod K.

    Zadiol gives me more control on how I choose to respond to certain situations. I noticed that my boss wasn’t pushing my buttons like he used to…this was a good thing! I give Zadiol a 10! I’ve seen no side effects, only positive attributes in my life.

  8. Derek E.

    I noticed a sense of calm and well-being almost immediately from the first day of taking Zadiol. No side effects either! I’ve most definitely recommended Zadiol to friends who were experiencing the same symptoms I had. I give it 5 stars!

  9. Daniel E.

    Zadiol has really helped me keep a level head and not get overwhelmed or overloaded. It sounded kind of too good to be true, but I started noticing a difference in my ability to manage stress. It’s subtle, but that’s what I enjoy about it. There’s an underlying calm that helps me manage situations that are out of my control.

  10. Patty P.

    I have been involved in 4 auto accidents during my lifetime. I had aches and pains daily and had trouble sleeping. I was semi retired due to these conditions. I was offered 2 samples of Zadiol almost a year ago. It has renewed my sense of well being and reinvigorated me! I have gone back to work almost full time, and some of that time is spent volunteering! I have continued to take Zadiol daily and will continue as long as it is available.

  11. John C.

    I went through a pretty hard time with my life 10 years ago and Zadiol helped change my life. Even though I’ve been successful, all that time I had a learning disability that was never diagnosed. Once I tried Zadiol…it awakened my brain! It’s been so life changing for me…I’ve got some things to do in the next couple of years and I’m prepared to do it now. I think Zadiol is just amazing.

  12. J.H.

    I suffer from chronic rheumatoid arthritis in my hands and have found this product to alleviate most of my discomfort and pain from this condition. I’ve notice a general drop in my anxiety level as well since I began taking Zadiol.

  13. Bruce B.

    Perfect for 2020. I needed to dial things down and I’ll keep using this in 2021. Feeling better.

  14. Mark B

    Excellent product. Being a disabled vet with extreme PTSD I have found these to be beneficial!!

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ZADIOL™ is designed to restore hormonal balance, restoring a sense of core energy, well-being, mental clarity, and boosting immunity. This unique and inventive combination of botanical compounds helps the body’s natural, innate, and adaptive immune systems function properly, improving health and the sense of overall well-being. ZADIOL™ comprises 3 components that provide a synergistic effect in restoring balance to the hormonal cascade - Mucuna pruriens extract, Red Clover, and Alpha-lipoic Acid. There is no other similar composition available anywhere in the world integrating the benefits of these active ingredients.

The composition was so unique, inventive, and proven to be effective that it was granted a patent by the U.S. Patent and Trademark office.

United States Patent #10,588,890


Take 2 Tablets daily (ideally one in the morning and one at night)

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