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A revolutionary patented dietary supplement offering a new approach to the problems caused by stress, anxiety, and inflammation.

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My physician was amazed and said the results were profound because he’d seldom seen somebody make such dramatic changes in six months without using medication! I’ve recommended Zadiol to friends and family for sure…I give it 5 stars!

— Tim

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ZADIOL™ is a revolutionary patented botanical composition designed to restore hormonal balance. This unique and inventive combination helps the body’s natural, innate, and adaptive immune systems function properly, improving health and restoring the sense of overall well-being.

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*In a study published in the Journal of the Endocrine Society, participants with PTSD and Fibromyalgia who took Zadiol for 90 days saw significant reduction in symptoms

Journal of the Endocrine Society, Volume 3, issue Supplement_1, April-May 2019, MON-366 Published: 30 April 2019


People may develop PTSD after being exposed to a traumatic event such as combat experiences. In a study of people with PTSD, participants who took ZADIOL™ experienced a significant improvement in their sense of calm, clarity, well-being, and the quality of their life.


Fibromyalgia is a disorder characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain accompanied by fatigue and sleep, memory, and mood issues. In the same study, participants with fibromyalgia experienced a significant improvement in their ability to do daily activities.

Stress and Anxiety

Excessive stress disrupts the hormonal balance causing problems with the immune and adrenal systems. This leads to a wide spectrum of diseases and mental health disorders. The goal of ZADIOL™ is to help you regain a healthy balance so your body can get these critical downstream systems back in order.

Relief after years of living with PTSD
“Zadiol enables me to sort of just take a step back, be an observer…” — Atz
Fibromyalgia need not rule your life
“With Zadiol, the relief that comes with it is unmeasurable.” — Abby
A better way to combat stress
“I’ve recommended Zadiol to friends and family for sure…I give it 5 stars!” — Tim

What are some of the common benefits?

People who have used ZADIOL™ express feeling an increased sense of well-being, more energy, increased motivation, increased mobility, improved mental clarity and physical function, reduced anxiety, and an increased sense of calm.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) considered ZADIOL™ unique, inventive, and effective at meeting a clear need in the market, allowing a patent to be granted (US10,588,890).

What’s Inside

Mucuna Pruriens

Mucuna Pruriens contains the natural active ingredient L-Dopa, a precursor of dopamine. Specifically selected for bioactivity, it is widely known as the Velvet Bean, and grows in tropical and subtropical regions of the world. This ingredient has long been used in Ayurvedic medicine. The L-Dopa derived from this ingredient, in the presence of Red Clover and Alpha-lipoic Acid, helps to restore hormonal balance.

Red Clover

Red Clover (Trifolium pratense) extract provides a source of carefully selected isoflavones (formononetin, biochanin A, genistein, and diadzein) in patented ratios to promote a reduction in the stress response and inflammation, and increases the body’s innate and adaptive natural immunity.

Alpha-lipoic Acid

Alpha-lipoic acid is critical in a wide variety of metabolic processes. It ensures the isoflavones and L-Dopa are efficiently metabolized by the body.
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You can feel better.

Help improve health and restore a sense of overall well-being with Zadiol™, a revolutionary patented dietary supplement including natural and organic ingredients. Zadiol™ offers a new approach to the problems caused by stress, anxiety, and inflammation.


“I find myself feeling calm and often will revel in that feeling. My anxious and intrusive thoughts have diminished to the point I am able to read a book or even to sit in silence and enjoy a nice view. I never knew what calm felt like and I’m so grateful to now know.”


“I’ve had 4 strokes and ended up with brain plaque. I always felt like I was suffering a really bad hangover. In just a month of taking Zadiol, my memory is sharper and clearer than ever. I feel super lucky because I’m alive and back on my game again!”


“Zadiol has been such a healthy change for me. Prior to taking it, I was only averaging 2-3 hours of sleep a night and was astonished to be waking up to my alarm! I’d tried other treatments but to no avail. Zadiol has helped extend my overall bandwidth to get through the day.”


“Zadiol gives me more control on how I choose to respond to certain situations. Around two weeks, I noticed that my boss wasn’t pushing my buttons like he used to…this was a good thing! For me, I give Zadiol a 10! I’ve seen no side effects, only positive attributes in my life.”


“I noticed a sense of calm and well-being almost immediately from the first day of taking Zadiol. No side effects either! I’ve most definitely recommended Zadiol to friends who were experiencing the same symptoms I had. I give it 5 stars!”


“Zadiol has really helped me keep a level head and not get overwhelmed or overloaded. In a few days I started noticing a difference in my ability to manage stress. It’s subtle, but that’s what I enjoy about it. There’s an underlying calm that helps me manage situations that are out of my control.”


“My physician attributed my stress to a lack of sleep and prescribed blood pressure and cholesterol reducing medications…but then I’d heard about Zadiol. I told him I wanted to try that first, and in about 3 weeks I started noticing I was sleeping better. He was amazed and said the results were profound because he’d seldom seen somebody make such dramatic changes in six months without using medication! I’ve recommended Zadiol to friends and family for sure…I give it 5 stars!”

How It Works

As the U.S. Patent states, ZADIOL™ is a composition of natural high-quality and potency Swiss Red Clover extract (Trifolium pratense) that includes isoflavones (formononetin, biochanin A, genistein, and diadzein), Mucuna Pruriens, and Alpha-lipoic Acid in critical patented ratios to promote the shift in the human steroidal hormone cascade away from cortisone and aldosterone, and toward adiols, estradiol, and testosterone; which can have a profound beneficial effect on the steroidal pathway. These isoflavones are also anti-inflammatory and tend to couple to the same receptor sites and anti-inflammatory hormones in the cascade, thereby reducing the need for endogenous biosynthesis and allowing a shift in hormonal synthesis away from these hormones toward the lower end of the steroidal cascade. Alpha lipoic acid and low doses of Mucuna pruriens work synergistically to restore the hormonal cascade and are a powerful immunity booster.

United States Patent #10,588,890